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How To Stay Connected with Your Home Care Business

Having the flexibility to manage your Home Care business using modern software and technology can help improve productivity and simplify processes. One of the most significant advantages of using web-based software is that you can access information from any smart device. MEDsys Software allows in-office and field staff to perform their job roles while still being connected anywhere, anytime. VinCENT adapts to your laptop, tablet, or smartphone device while providing a strong and secure connection.

1. Work On The Go

If you have to step out of the office or work remotely, you can still get instant access to real-time information from your VinCENT account. Data is always saved, so you never have to worry about closing the program or switching from one device to another. VinCENT helps you stay connected anywhere you go.

2. Caregiver Mobile App

MEDsys MVV is the next-generation EVV App that allows caregivers to focus more on delivering care and focus less on completing paperwork. MEDsys MVV makes clocking in and out easy while giving you the tools to complete visits and improve communication, like recording care plan tasks and notes, capturing signatures, and viewing forms. The app can be downloaded to any iOS or Android device using the app store.

3. Client and Family Portals

Give clients and their families the flexibility to stay connected with their own portal where they can log in and view visit information, schedules, payment options, and forms. With VinCENT’s web-based platform, your staff can use any device to access this information and stay on top of their care services without having to reach out to the office.

MEDsys was founded by Home Care industry professionals and we believe software is not a one size fits all. Large or Small, our customizable solution meet the needs of your agency today and grow with you as your business expands. If you want to learn more about affordable, customized solutions, get started here.


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