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MEDsys is an all-in-one Management Software and EVV solution for Home Care. Developed by industry experts, We’ve combined many years of industry experience in Home Care, owning and managing a large multi-state agency. We been through many changes in the industry, including IPS, PPS, Health Care Reform, and recognize the vital roll software plays in streamlining business operations.  Our software can be tailored to meet the needs of your agency today and grow with you as your business continues to expand.


At MEDsys we believe software is not a one size fits all, delivering a complete Software and EVV solution tailored to your unique business requirements and goals. We achieve this through our state-of-the-art technology which includes customized options such as Homepages by Position, Interactive Dashboards, Workflow Automation, Real-time Reports, and the ability to use your own forms! We are continuously enhancing our products based on customer feedback and input.


Manage your business with confidence and stay ahead of the competition – all while providing the highest quality of care to your clients!


"Your success is our success.  By combining the knowledge and expertise of home care and technology professionals, MEDsys provides a secure, positive and empowering experience to allow our customers to better manage their business. Our dedicated team strives to fulfill the needs and potential of our customers by delivering outstanding service and support"

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Ritch Adams

Chief Executive Officer

Prior to starting MEDsys, Ritch successfully founded, built, and sold a very large multi-branch, multi-state, Medicare, Medicaid, Waiver, and Private Duty agency. He is utilizing his home health management experience to create software that fits every agency. His successes in utilizing technology to drive efficiencies with patient centered care, utilizing smart flows, and driving outcomes gives MEDsys the edge over its competition. Ritch also founded and built a successful therapy company that works with over 50 home care agencies. In working with these agencies, he heard them voice the same problems regarding deficiencies with their current software. Listening to these frustrations, Ritch decided to join forces with Dave Hernly, Sr., to create home care software by home care experts. MEDsys meets the ever evolving needs of each home care agency, from small private duty to large Medicare only agencies.


Was one of the largest privately owned home health care agencies in the US with revenues exceeding $20 million


Founded Heritage Health Care Services, Inc. in 1994, and sold the company in 2009


20 years as an entrepreneur in the home health care industry


Member of the Home Care Top 100


Started ProHealth in 2007, a provider of occupational, physical and speech therapy in patients’ home and outpatient setting


13 years in Banking

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