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Become a Scheduling Pro with MEDsys

Updated: Aug 29, 2022

Leave paper timesheets in the past! Having a scheduling software is a must-have for every Home Care business. Not only does a web-based scheduling software give you more accessibility, but it will also help reduce errors and save time by eliminating manual processes. MEDsys' VinCENT solution offers a comprehensive scheduling platform with an all-in-one agency management suite that provides real-time oversight so you can make accurate business decisions. These 5 Tools are available in MEDsys Premier plan and will make scheduling a breeze.

1. Flexible Scheduling Methods

VinCENT has the flexibility to manage many types of schedules. Whether you are creating single, multiple, and recurring schedules or in-services. Within a few clicks, you will be able to automate your scheduling needs across field staff, office staff and types of services and programs.

2. Track Staff Availability

Avoid scheduling conflicts and view vacation days, overtime and other employee unavailability when scheduling shifts.

3. Staff Matching

Whether you are filling in an open shift or finding a new caregiver for your client, you can use MEDsys Advance Search Tool. Advance Search will calculate the best matches based on proximity, availability and preferences. Select the best matches and send shift coverage requests and see who accepts or rejects a shift.

4. Multiple Scheduling Views

Get full visibility and real-time updates by utilizing different calendars like Daily, Weekly, Monthly and Live Views including Authorization tracking. Utilize filters to narrow down search results and save your custom templates for future use.

5. Alerts and Notifications

Improve communications by setting up custom alerts and notifications fromschedule exception triggers to no shows via text, email or right from your dashboard.

MEDsys was founded by Home Care industry professionals and we believe software is not a one size fits all. Large or Small, our customizable solution meets the needs of your agency today and grows with you as your business expands. If you want to learn more about affordable, customized solutions, get started here.


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