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Save Time, Save Money and Reduce Errors

Our 100% Web Based Platform is accessible with any device, anywhere, anytime

Our Electronic Visit Verification includes Mobile Visit Verification through GPS technology, Landline Telephony and Alternate Technologies. Our EVV solution can be standalone and integrated with third party software systems or by using our integrated scheduling, payroll and billing software into one platform that is available every hour of every day. This customizable feature is easy to use and ideal for managing your agency’s time and attendance process because of its real-time data exchange and robust scheduling component. This adaptable and affordable business management tool helps you focus on your patients, not paperwork.

Improve your agency’s performance:

This easy to use platform will simplify many processes for you, including:

  • Automated email and text alerts
  • Alerts for task collection and care plan matching
  • Detailed recorded data, including patient vitals
  • Hassle-free and easy to use web-based platform
  • Detailed reporting that can assist with business decisions
  • Exception tracking for no shows, schedule not found
  • A single application to manage workflow, improve profits, increase patient satisfaction and the overall health of your organization


My state requires me to use an EVV System, How do I select MEDsys as my vendor?

For all State Medicaid Programs mandating EVV, please request the EVV Selection Form from your state or contact us for assistance.

What is the Price for MEDsys EVV Services?

Please contact us for pricing questions.

What EVV devices does MEDsys offer?

MEDsys uses Mobile Visit Verification (MVV) with any smart device, Landline, and/or Alternate Technology such as Token Authentication.

For State Medicaid Mandated EVV Systems, please check with your Medicaid program or Contact us for assistance.

How do I schedule a demo?

To schedule a demo please fill out the demo request form and one of our sales representatives will contact you.

Want to see how MEDsys can help your agency? Contact us to request a customized demo of our software.