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Next-generation EVV for Homecare Agencies

Next Generation EVV for Homecare Agencies

The MEDsys Mobile Visit Verification (MVV) app is the next generation of remote homecare software applications. MVV is an extension of the MEDsys Electronic Visit Verification (EVV) system, which is utilized by homecare agencies in all 50 states.

With MVV, home care agencies and caregivers can verify visits, document client information, complete the plan of care. add tasks, and communicate with staff through an easy-to-use mobile app, which is free to download onto any smart device from the App Store and Google Play.

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Mobile Visit Verification Features

Caregivers can easily document in the MEDsys MVV app and view notes from the office in real-time. Other features include GPS, Offline Availability, Signature Capture and Instant Chat.


MVV tracks caregiver locations clock-ins and clock-outs in correspondence to the scheduled visit. The caregiver can select the client’s address from their schedules to automatically open their default map application. Geofencing parameters are available to alert if a clock in/out was not in the scheduled location. GPS tracking will not be active outside of scheduled visits.

Offline Availability

Offline mode allows caregivers to enter client information, complete tasks and clock in/out when internet service is not available. The MVV app will automatically update when internet access is available again.

Signature Capture

MVV makes recording signatures easier and more efficient. The app will prompt the caregiver to capture a signature before the end of a visit. Clients can sign right on the device with a stylus or finger.

Instant Chat Within App

Stay connected with office or field staff in real-time with MVV’s Chat Center. Customizable settings give managers options for regulating staff chat access.

Request a Demo

Learn more about our how our MVV app for electronic visit verification can take your agency’s service to the next level with a custom demo tailored to your organization’s needs.