Home Care Franchise Software


Maximizing operational and financial performance for Home Care Franchises.

Monitor Your Operations With MEDsys Home Care Franchise Software

Manage your Franchise operations from the Corporate office, out in the field, or from home with our innovative Home Care Franchise Software. MEDsys Franchise Software enables Corporate to utilize our Global Controls Jurisdictional View to monitor real-time Franchisee activity. Corporate staff can pull real-time reports, on Royalties, lead generation, scorecards on Franchisee performance, instant messaging in a HIPAA-safe environment, and a lot more.

With MEDsys Home Care Franchise software, you’ll benefit from:

  • Staff and client portals: Stay in touch with your agency, caregivers, clients, and family members to provide information on schedules, view invoices with payment processing, compliance, interactive forms, instant messaging, and more. Customize the portals based on your requirements.
  • State-of-the-Art Advanced Scheduling: One-click scheduling, Client-Caregiver matching with integrated Electronic Visit Verification
  • Lead Management: CRM for home care, including customized workflow, forms, instant messaging, and real-time assignment and lead tracking.
  • Real-time Communication: Dynamic communication capabilities with MEDsys instant messaging system in real-time. Broadcast open shifts, in-services to the staff, customize messages and alerts to clients, caregivers, and staff.
  • Emergency Preparedness: COVID Screening and tracing, weather warnings, and much more.
  • Interactive Dashboards: customized by position

Home Care Franchise Software Features

Our Home Care Franchise Software operating system offers interactive dashboards that display key performance metrics to manage your day right from your home page. Some examples include:

  • Global Controls with Franchise Templates
  • Field-level Controls
  • Jurisdictional View: Real-time dashboard of Franchisee activity including Royalty reporting.
  • Real-time Reporting: Customized reporting with our AD HOC Tool. Drill down on regional activity or right to the individual Franchise.
  • Real-time Messaging
  • Financial Performance Monitoring

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Are you ready to take your Corporate and Franchisees to the next level? With MEDsys Marketing, your Franchise will see how our innovative platform can drive the success of your organization. Contact MEDsys for more information about our Home Care Franchise Software options or request a demo customized for your operational needs.