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In MEDsys, we provide you HIPAA and HITRUST compliant communication tools to manage your business internally and externally while protecting and securing information. In your day-to-day personal and work email use, it is important to familiarize with email security practices to identify issues that may lead to your account and other information being compromised. Here is a list of safety tips when sending or receiving emails:

Don’t open an attachment unless you know who it is from & are expecting it.
If you receive an attachment from someone you don’t know, don’t open it. Delete it immediately.
Never give out

MEDsys has been providing software for more than a decade helping agencies automate their workflow and help build their business by providing an all in one web-based solution. To this day, there are still many agencies on paper. Here are some examples of why going paperless and switching to an online platform can benefit your agency.

 Save Time - Manual processes like filling out paperwork can take less than half the time switching to an automated system, instead you can focus on your caregivers performance and your clients satisfaction.
Electronic Forms and Paperwork - MEDsys being an EMR can

MEDsys Software Solutions releases its next generation Mobile Visit Verification (MVV) for the Home Care industry. MVV is an extension of the MEDsys VinCENT Electronic Visit Verification (EVV) which is utilized by home care agencies across all 50 states. Providing options such as Landline, Token, and access to mobile browser has allowed us to upgrade to an even more user-friendly, mobile app interface.

The MEDsys MVV App is free to download for any smart device, caregivers will be able to clock in with their credentials and start their visit right away. MVV functions Online and Offline Modes, for environments where internet service

One of the most frequently asked question is what is the differences between the MEDsys EVV Technologies and which one or combinations is the right one for your agency. MEDsys offers three types of technologies for EVV such as Mobility (GPS), Landline, and Alternative Devices (Tokens). The decision of whether to utilize one or all three devices is what you think would work best for your agency.

Mobility -  Caregivers are able to clock in and out, view care plans and tasks through any smart device, this can also include a tablet. The system is web-based, and if needed there are also off-line functionalities. The caregiver can access the EVV

Give your staff and clients their own MEDsys experience dedicated to their own account and information portals. Portals are used to manage and enhance communication between office staff, field staff and clients. Field staff and clients are given a separate account where they can log in on any device, anytime, anywhere and view information regarding their profile and scheduled visits.

All portal homepages can be customized. No more printing out schedules. No more calling the office and waiting to find out your caregivers next visit. Schedules can be viewed by the day, week, and month in Staff portals. Staff can also