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The State of Texas requires home healthcare agencies to use electronic visit verification (EVV) to ensure that home service occurred and proper care was provided. To guarantee that your agency is in compliance with these mandates, MEDsys has developed software that makes sure you’re in compliance with this telephone and computer-based system.

Agencies Currently Transitioning from MEDsys to Vesta 

 Returning SAD’s (Small Alternative Device) to MEDsys

As you begin placing the Vesta devices in the homes, please gather all MEDsys devices to be returned to MEDsys.  Review the attached PDF on how to safely remove MEDsys SADs and send an email to tokens@medsyshcs.com with the total number of devices you will be returning and we will send prepaid postage and packaging materials for an easy return of the devices.


MEDsys Providers Must Initiate Transition to DataLogic by July 31, 2018


News for Providers Transitioning To DataLogic Vesta


Small Alternative Device Zip Tie Policy Change


MEDsys Payor EVV Solution is currently mandated by Texas Health and Human Services which requires Home Health Care agencies providing personal care services to validate visits and ensure the authorized services are being delivered by the correct caregiver, at the right time, at the approved location and to the authorized Medicaid recipient.

The MEDsys EVV Solution is 100% Web-Based and can be accessed with any device, anytime, anywhere. MEDsys EVV is fully compliant with HIPAA regulations and meets the 21st Century Cures Act Mandate. Find out how Twelve Managed Care Organizations, multiple state Medicaid programs and Texas HHSC utilize our Payor solution to by clicking here.

MEDsys is an approved Texas HHSC EVV Vendor since 2014.