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Improve workflow and patient care.

Comprehensive Solution for Payors

Our Payor Management Solution utilizes our web-based, state of the art technology which creates a platform of multiple solutions including Electronic Visit Verification (EVV), Electronic Claims Validation and Submission, 837 Billing, and 835 Remittance. Each technology can be implemented as stand-alone or as a comprehensive solution. All Solutions include real-time oversight and real-time reporting through our Jurisdictional View (JV).

Open Model Integration

MEDsys supports all EVV models and can aggregate data associated with open, state, MCO and provider choice models. Open model EVV platform integrates data across all vendors into a powerful, holistic system. Allowing providers to choose a vendor or keep their existing one. See below how MEDsys supports the Open model.

Compliant with the 21st Century Cures Act

  • Individual Receiving Service
  • Date of Service
  • Type of Service
  • Location of Service
  • Individual Providing Service
  • Time the Service Begins and Ends