MEDsys is an Approved TMHP Billing Vendor

Starting immediately, you can bill your 837 claims to TMHP directly in minutes with MEDsys Software.
Current and previous MEDsys Customers, including former EVV Customers, the estimated set-up time is
3 hours, plus 18 minutes per client.
Non-MEDsys Customers, estimated time for set up is
1 week.
*An integration with Datalogic (Vesta) EVV is also available*

New Customers

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Existing Customers

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Preparing for EVV (Part 2) – The Benefits

Prior to the Cures Act becoming Law, many service provider agencies benefited from EVV by utilizing the MEDsys EVV solution to reduce costs, increase profitability, automate workflow and enhance the quality of care. Implementing our EVV solution will reduce paperwork, expedite billing and payroll, and manage authorizations properly. EVV helps retain caregivers by enabling them to focus on patient care, spend less time on paperwork and get paid quicker. Patient Retention is greatly enhanced with EVV by real time communication and alerts when a Caregiver is late or a no-show and tasks were missed.

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Communicate With Your Staff and Clients in Real-Time

What makes an agency run smooth is communication between the staff and clients, or the family of the client receiving care. MEDsys Agency Management Software features different channels of communication like Live Chat and Broadcast Messaging options. MEDsys is HITRUST certified making data exchange and communication in the system more private and secure than standard text messaging and emailing.
Live Chat – Designed similarly to Facebook Messenger, MEDsys Live chat can be used to communicate in real-time with field staff before, during, or after a visit. The client or clients family also has access to live chat through the client/family portal.  This is a quicker and more efficient way of communication and is secure in the system. Permissions are also available to authorize who can message specific users
Broadcast Messaging –  Broadcast messaging is where an admin can send out a message to everyone in a particular group set like for example, Staff Only, Clients Only, and System Users Only. This saves time on picking up the phone or sending emails one by one. This is useful for emergencies and when you need to communicate to a specific group all at once.

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How to Reduce Caregiver Turnover

In our “How to Succeed In Your First Year of Starting an Agency” article, a critical area for success is hiring quality caregivers/employees. Once you hire the right employee for your agency, it is important to retain them. Caregiver turnover is when an employee leaves the company and they need to be replaced.  If your turnover is high, it takes time and money to on board and train a new caregiver, which can cause frustration among clients and loss of clients if they consistently have new caregivers coming into their homes. Here are a few suggestions that can help you reduce caregiver turnover.
Build Strong Relationships.  Get to know your caregivers by asking about their experiences. Questions like what type of clients they feel comfortable working with, what motivates them to provide quality service, and what their skills/preferences are to best match a client with a caregiver.  Congratulate them on important milestones like their birthday and work anniversary.  Employee’s like to feel part of a team and a dedicated employee that you have a good relationship with is less likely to leave your agency.
Set Goals and Expectations.  Every caregiver is unique and may have different job expectations and if they are unclear of what is expected out of them, they may not provide the quality of care your agency needs. Taking time to clearly communicate what hours they are willing or expected to work, the client locations they will be traveling to and from, and the amount they are getting paid for their services or any other requirements your agency expects will give them insight from the beginning as well as ongoing feedback will keep them on the right track. Meeting their expectations can also help them meet yours as an employer.
Show Your Appreciation.  Employees, like to feel appreciated and to be recognized for the hard work they do. Most commonly, turnover is driven by not feeling valued by the company or supervisor.  Show employees that their hard work does not go unnoticed by offering incentives for employee’s outstanding performance like for those who rarely or never call off, those who pick up extra shifts, or who bring in the most business referrals.  You can even have an “Aide of the Month” recognition award. Remember to celebrate and engage field workers by having holiday work parties and appreciation events.  Ensure employees are getting benefits like health insurance and retirement plans to retain them.  Having an engaging workforce will boost company morale.
Compatibility.  Ensuring your clients are matched with the proper caregivers will make it easier to meet the needs of both the caregiver and client. MEDsys has a scheduling feature that can assist schedulers by matching clients and caregivers attributes and preferences. For example, if a client speaks a different language and needs an aide who speaks the same language or if the aide is allergic to certain household pets and is unable to be assigned to a client with that pet.  Using this featue will help you schedule by providing a good fit and this will help staff be happy. Happy employees help keep happy clients.

MEDsys’ 2018 Show and Conference Schedule

MEDsys Software will be exhibiting this year at the following shows and conferences,
TAHCH Winter Conference February 21st-22nd, San Antonio TX
PHA Annual Conference April 24th-26th, Pittsburgh PA
AAHC Conference Expo June 27th-28th, Scottsdale AZ
TAHCH Annual Meeting August 8th-9th, Frisco TX
HCBS Conference August 27th-30th, Baltimore MD
NAHC Annual Meeting and Expo October 15th-17th, Long Beach CA
PCA Annual Conference October 24th-26th, Orlando FL
More Information Coming Soon.

How Dashboards Can Help Manage Your Agency Better

MEDsys understands that running an agency is constantly busy, so you should be able to view what you need quickly and easily. MEDsys Dashboards can help by providing the information you need to do your job – right on your homepage!

Since we are 100% web based, Homepages are updated in real time and dashboards can be customized by position (user defined). Dashboards are compiled with different widgets of your choosing, including but not limited to no shows, open schedules, and pending clients. You can set Key Performance Indicators for any and all of your staff including your agency to view scorecards which tells you how your staff and agency are performing. Tracking compliance through our Human Resources widget is easier than ever, utilizing our traffic light approach provides you with a view of who is in compliance (green), compliance coming due (yellow) and staff that have expired credentials (red). View in real time your referrals by source, revenues by referral sources and revenue by program using colored bar or pie charts. Additionally,  you can view field based forms that either need your approval and/ or signature  Forms are organized by date and percentage of completion.

With the Staff Portal feature, each staff member is given their own unique dashboard as well. They will be able to view their current schedule, and upcoming schedules. As well as any compliance items that are coming due and are in need of completion.