Home Care Vaccine Requirements – How To Prepare

The past year has been challenging for Home Care. A few months ago, the Biden administration announced its recent COVID-19 vaccination mandates for Health Care Workers. It is certain that in the near future the same will apply to Home Care. Although developments are still being made, deadlines can come up quickly. Here are 4 tools MEDsys offers that can help you prepare.

Vaccine Compliance Tracking

MEDsys offers compliance tracking among caregivers. This includes the ability to add custom compliance items, in this case, Vaccine Status. For vaccinated staff, select the type of Vaccine, capture the effective date of vaccination and attach the copy of the vaccine card. If a specific vaccine type requires more than one dose or booster, a renewal will be put in place to remind your office and the caregiver to stay in compliance.


MEDsys provides a myriad of report options. Run, print and export reports on Vaccination Status of your caregivers. Filter by vaccine type and narrow down to see if each recipient is in compliance with dose and booster requirements. Reports can pull up compliance items that are Past Due their deadline.


MEDsys is known for having the most robust scheduling system for Home Care. Scheduling changes can occur unexpectedly in Home Care. If there is a situation a caregiver refuses to work or is terminated, you can fill in open shifts using the Advanced Search Tool. This tool will find caregivers that best match your clients based on availability, location and attributes. Attributes can be used to match individuals based on vaccination status.


Keep all your staff and clients up to date on any changes and requirements. MEDsys offers communication channels that includes global messaging, alerts, portals, and live chat to connect you with your staff and clients.

Who Are Affected?

Medicaid and Medicare – Requirements are currently in development

Private Duty – Please check your state for deadlines and more information.

How To Manage COVID-19 In Home Care

Emergencies can come unexpectedly and if not prepared, can greatly affect your business. With the COVID-19 outbreak, one of the most affected industries was Home Care. With MEDsys, you can use tools to stay on top of any emergency situation including natural disasters, illness, disease, etc. Home Care agencies across the country have been utilizing MEDsys’ Emergency Response System during the on-going pandemic.

MEDsys Emergency Response System utilizes features to allow your agency to:

1. Caregiver Screening – MEDsys ERS Daily Screening Survey via the MEDsys Mobile App.

2. Track Client and Caregiver Interaction – Run reports of any staff and clients who were in contact with someone who may have been exposed to COVID-19. MEDsys reports shows visits for the past two weeks and schedules for the next 10 days.

3. Find Available Caregivers Fast – MEDsys scheduling tool assists office staff by matching clients and caregivers by attributes and availability.

4. Use Real-Time Communication – MEDsys HIPAA Compliant Instant Chat provides you the ability to communicate quickly and efficiently with Office Staff, Caregivers, Clients, and Family members.

5. Manage Vaccination Status – Keep track of information such as vaccination status, test results, and more for Clients, Caregivers, and Office Staff.

6. Organize Forms and Documentation – Convert paper into an Electronic Health Record and utilize your forms in our software.

7. Broadcast Messaging – Customize your message to the recipients of your choice and communicate in real-time.

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How MEDsys Supports Your Agency

How MEDsys Supports Your Agency

Are you receiving the Customer Support you need to run your Home Care business with your current software company?
Most Home Care agencies are unhappy with their current software due to poor experience with customer support. You have enough on your plate taking care of your clients and staff so running around and chasing the customer support you need to run your business occupies more time than you have. MEDsys ran a home care agency for 20+ years and our dedicated Customer Support Staff is made up of former Home Care agency managers so we have experienced it. MEDsys Customer support is available through our Call Center, Online Help Desk, and Live Instant Messaging. A Call Back Team is also available for After Hours support because at MEDsys we understand that issues may arise anytime in Home Care. All of our customers are an extension of our family and always receive quality assistance.

MEDsys Software Awarded “Company of the Year”

MEDsys Software was Awarded “Company of the Year” in 2020 by The Technology Headlines

Adopting a patient-centric approach to deliver simple, personal, and quality-driven healthcare service is the key attribute of a home care agency. And today, we have hordes of home care agencies providing effective healthcare services, eliminating the need to move into a nursing home or assisted living facility. Yet, the majority of them face challenges to work at their full potential due to lack of automation capabilities and the over reliance on paper to run their business. As caregivers spend way too much time filling out paperwork, their productivity suffers hindering them from providing quality care to patients.

MEDsys Software Solutions Announces its Vinny EZ Payment Processing for the Home Care Industry

NPC and MEDsys expand their strategic collaboration agreement to revolutionize payment acceptance and promote financial inclusion to the Home Care Industry.

MEDsys and NPC have been working together for four years and are expanding our suite of offerings to include real time Credit Card and ACH payment processing to the home care industry. MEDsys Software and EVV solutions are utilized by over 1,000 home care agencies across North America. MEDsys and NPC will now focus on accelerating adoption for home care agencies who do not utilize any form of payment processing today.

MEDsys Tips – Email Security

In MEDsys, we provide you HIPAA and HITRUST compliant communication tools to manage your business internally and externally while protecting and securing information. In your day-to-day personal and work email use, it is important to familiarize with email security practices to identify issues that may lead to your account and other information being compromised. Here is a list of safety tips when sending or receiving emails:
  1. Don’t open an attachment unless you know who it is from & are expecting it.
  2. If you receive an attachment from someone you don’t know, don’t open it. Delete it immediately.
  3. Never give out your payment information over email.
  4. Change your passwords often and use strong passwords
  5. Use anti-virus software on your local machine, and make sure it’s kept up-to-date with the latest virus definitions.
  6. Hover your mouse over links before you click on them to see if the URL looks legitimate.
What are Phishing Emails?
Phishing is a type of online scam where criminals send an email that appears to be from a legitimate company and ask you to provide sensitive information. How to recognize phishing emails:
  1. Messages that contain threats to shut your account down
  2. Requests for personal information such as passwords or Social Security numbers
  3. Words like “Urgent” – false sense of urgency
  4. Forged email addresses
  5. Poor writing or bad grammar
If your email has been compromised or you notice any suspicious activity always contact your IT department first. If you do not have an IT department, be sure to change your passwords as soon as possible, block and delete suspicious emails, and update your anti-virus programs. If an email was sent from your address to others, be sure to alert those who received it that your account was hacked and not click or download unfamiliar links/files.