How To Manage COVID-19 In Home Care

Emergencies can come unexpectedly and if not prepared, can greatly affect your business. With the COVID-19 outbreak, one of the most affected industries was Home Care. With MEDsys, you can use tools to stay on top of any emergency situation including natural disasters, illness, disease, etc. Home Care agencies across the country have been utilizing MEDsys’ Emergency Response System during the on-going pandemic.

MEDsys Emergency Response System utilizes features to allow your agency to:

1. Caregiver Screening – MEDsys ERS Daily Screening Survey via the MEDsys Mobile App.

2. Track Client and Caregiver Interaction – Run reports of any staff and clients who were in contact with someone who may have been exposed to COVID-19. MEDsys reports shows visits for the past two weeks and schedules for the next 10 days.

3. Find Available Caregivers Fast – MEDsys scheduling tool assists office staff by matching clients and caregivers by attributes and availability.

4. Use Real-Time Communication – MEDsys HIPAA Compliant Instant Chat provides you the ability to communicate quickly and efficiently with Office Staff, Caregivers, Clients, and Family members.

5. Manage Vaccination Status – Keep track of information such as vaccination status, test results, and more for Clients, Caregivers, and Office Staff.

6. Organize Forms and Documentation – Convert paper into an Electronic Health Record and utilize your forms in our software.

7. Broadcast Messaging – Customize your message to the recipients of your choice and communicate in real-time.

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