How Homecare Management Software Improves Employee Retention

Caregiver turnover is one of the biggest problems plaguing home care agencies, and it’s only getting worse. In 2018, the caregiver turnover rate hit an all-time high of 82%, an increase of 15% from the previous year.

You want to create a work environment that both entices employees to stay and supports client retention. Training, mentorship, recognition, and employee feedback programs are essential elements of any caregiver retention program. A robust home care software and electronic visit verification (EVV) system will also help you arm your team with the tools they need to feel prepared and supported.

Optimize Scheduling

A smooth scheduling process will reduce stress for caregivers and scheduling coordinators. And reducing stress is a big part of combatting employee burnout.

Your schedulers will save time and reduce errors with our interactive scheduling module, which features a staff matching tool that makes it easy to match caregivers with clients based on availability and location, as well as client and caregiver preferences.

Other features include multiple schedule views, broadcasting for open shifts via text and email, permanent schedules, scheduling from client and staff files, and proactive text and email alerts to reduce missed visits.

Simplify Accountability and Communication

Time, attendance, task completion, and even mileage and wait time, can all be tracked in our fully mobile home care software with integrated EVV.

Our Mobile Visit Verification app is a next-generation electronic visit verification (EVV) tool that allows caregivers to verify visits, complete assigned tasks, communicate with office and field staff in real-time, and document notes in a user-friendly mobile app interface.

Through staff portals, caregivers can see details on current and future schedules, as well as track and complete compliance items coming due.

Caregiver-to-Caregiver Communication

Paperwork is an inevitable requirement for home care, but packed schedules can mean caregivers miss notes or forget to add relevant details. With our mobile software, caregivers have access to client information right from their smart device so they can update digital documentation at point-of-care. Their notes create seamless service for the next caregiver, improving client record accuracy and the overall client experience.

You’ll better ensure the happiness of your team when they have the tools they need. A robust home care software system is the first step in the right direction. MEDsys will provide your team with a single application that will manage your workflow, increase employee satisfaction, and reduce staff turnover.

Contact us to learn more about our system features and schedule a demo today. You may want to include someone from your office team and your caregiver team to get their insight.