Home Care Software Can Boost Agency Performance

Employing the right home care management software will help you increase efficiencies and improve the patient experience. Your office team will appreciate an all-in-one system for real-time dashboards, scheduling, billing, payroll, and data management. Your caregivers will benefit from streamlined scheduling and access to patient information. And your clients will notice the difference when your caregivers can provide personalized care with ease.

Advantages of Home Care Management Software

The development of faster, more efficient home care software has been driven by patient demand for quality care and agency need for systems that enhance their services.

MEDsys’ home care agency software offers service and support features, including:

  • Data management: You’ll be better equipped to manage your client and caregiver information when it’s located in a single, accessible real-time system. Data management will also streamline scheduling, billing, payroll, and referrals, so you’ll never have to worry about tracking essential documents. Coordinating information with less hassle means you can devote your energy to patient care.
  • Scheduling: Home care management software will keep your caregivers on track with real-time data exchange, so they’re abreast of changing tasks. They won’t have to concentrate on maintaining a schedule because the software continuously regulates workflow to avoid duplications and errors.
  • Improved caregiving experience: A good experience is the key to home care success. When your caregivers don’t have to worry about struggling with a finicky home care software system, they can devote their energy to patient care. Clients will be at ease, too, knowing they can rely on your team for world-class services that are expected during every visit.

Electronic Visit Verification

Electronic visit verification (EVV) is required for all home care agencies providing Medicaid services. EVV also makes it easy for you to oversee caregivers in the field and helps to ensure that appointments are performed on schedule. You can even use it to provide text and email alerts, record patient vitals, and produce reports to aid business decisions.

MEDsys uses Mobile Visit Verification (MVV) through GPS technology with any smart device, as well as landlines and alternate technology, like token authentication.

Our EVV software can be used as a standalone service, integrated with your existing software system, or integrated with our web-based home care agency software for one unified platform that does it all and is available 24/7.

With MEDsys, you’ll benefit from a single application that will manage your workflow, improve profits, increase patient satisfaction, and boost the overall health of your agency. Contact us to learn more about our system features and schedule a demo today.