Earth Day – Why You Should Go Paperless



MEDsys has been providing software for more than a decade helping agencies automate their workflow and help build their business by providing an all in one web-based solution. To this day, there are still many agencies on paper. Here are some examples of why going paperless and switching to an online platform can benefit your agency.

  1.  Save Time – Manual processes like filling out paperwork can take less than half the time switching to an automated system, instead you can focus on your caregivers performance and your clients satisfaction.
  2. Electronic Forms and Paperwork – MEDsys being an EMR can turn any forms electronic, because it is stored in the cloud you can access it whenever, wherever, on any device. Have a pesky piece of paper lying around? Scan it and upload it into the system and you will wont have to worry about misplacing it.
  3. No More Time Sheets – MEDsys EVV/MVV makes clocking in and out effortless and takes less than a minute. Caregivers will not need to take the time to drop off their timesheets or sending them into the office. They can clock in/out conveniently  via landline or mobile app. Their attendance including tasks performed will be collected and synced into the system automatically.
  4.  Billing and Payroll – Completed schedules go right into scheduling and billing, a step that takes takes minutes into seconds turning it into a streamline solution.
  5. Save paper = Save money – The average amount of office supplies such as paperwork can cost a business over $1,000 per employee. By going digital, not only are you helping the environment, you can also help save yourself  thousands of dollars a year.