Communicate With Your Staff and Clients in Real-Time

What makes an agency run smooth is communication between the staff and clients, or the family of the client receiving care. MEDsys Agency Management Software features different channels of communication like Live Chat and Broadcast Messaging options. MEDsys is HITRUST certified making data exchange and communication in the system more private and secure than standard text messaging and emailing.
Live Chat – Designed similarly to Facebook Messenger, MEDsys Live chat can be used to communicate in real-time with field staff before, during, or after a visit. The client or clients family also has access to live chat through the client/family portal.  This is a quicker and more efficient way of communication and is secure in the system. Permissions are also available to authorize who can message specific users
Broadcast Messaging –  Broadcast messaging is where an admin can send out a message to everyone in a particular group set like for example, Staff Only, Clients Only, and System Users Only. This saves time on picking up the phone or sending emails one by one. This is useful for emergencies and when you need to communicate to a specific group all at once.

To find out more about Real-Time Communication and see how they are used in our MEDsys Software System, click here