MEDsys EVV Technology Choices

One of the most frequently asked question is what is the differences between the MEDsys EVV Technologies and which one or combinations is the right one for your agency. MEDsys offers three types of technologies for EVV such as Mobility (GPS), Landline, and Alternative Devices (Tokens). The decision of whether to utilize one or all three devices is what you think would work best for your agency.
Mobility –  Caregivers are able to clock in and out, view care plans and tasks through any smart device, this can also include a tablet. The system is web-based, and if needed there are also off-line functionalities. The caregiver can access the EVV log in through the web on the smart device, when the caregiver clocks in or out the time and location will be calculated and entered into the system immediately. You will also be able to track the radius and exact location using the GPS feature.
Landline – Caregivers will be able to use the clients landline home phone and dial in to the toll free phone number provided. The caregiver will be asked to enter in their Staff ID, at the time of clock-in and clock-out. MEDsys utilizes Automatic Number Identification (ANI) to verify the call is indeed coming from the client’s landline phone. The system will ask what tasks they have performed for the visit during clock-out and can also collect biometric readings if required. The data will enter the system immediately.
Alternative Devices – For instances when there is no mobile device or landline available but visits need to be confirmed, we offer a cost effective, alternative device called a Token. The MEDsys token is a small device that is secured within the patients home. When it is time for the caregiver to clock in, the device will generate a unique 6 digit code that corresponds to the exact day and time the button was pushed (the code will change every minute), the same process is used for clock-outs. Once the code appears, the caregiver may call it in or write it down to send to the office later so it can be manually entered into the system which will validate the exact times the visit occurred.