Staff and Client Portals

Give your staff and clients their own MEDsys experience dedicated to their own account and information portals. Portals are used to manage and enhance communication between office staff, field staff and clients. Field staff and clients are given a separate account where they can log in on any device, anytime, anywhere and view information regarding their profile and scheduled visits.

All portal homepages can be customized. No more printing out schedules. No more calling the office and waiting to find out your caregivers next visit. Schedules can be viewed by the day, week, and month in Staff portals. Staff can also view and upload forms, view and complete any compliance items coming due, and can view any open schedules. Like Staff Portals, Client Portals can view schedules from the day to the month. Information about the Client can be uploaded to the system. Stay in compliance and keep your staff and client information secure. Portals are included with MEDsys Full Software version of VinCENT.

Find out more about Portals and how they are used in MEDsys Software by scheduling a demo here