MEDsys’ Paperless Forms

With MEDsys software, everything is paperless, even your forms! From Care Plans to Visiting Records, everything can be stored electronically into the system, not just as static documents, but as interactive data entry screens. Utilizing your forms expedites staff acceptance, and helps streamline implementation.  What is great about MEDsys’ form engine is you integrate your own forms. Forms pull all information and prepopulates from the client file which reduces time you spend on manual and duplicate processes. All forms can be signed electronically by the client, RN or aide on any smart device. Forms can also be signed at the point of care, whether they are online or offline. They will always be secured in the system. The service provider can determine the level and areas to which a user may gain access and also permit view, view and add, view-add-delete or be an administrator in one section or as many as permitted. If you need immediate access to your forms, they can be pulled up on any smart device. MEDsys enhances the visit experience for the client,  this allows the staff to focus on the client not on the forms.