How to Succeed In Your First Year of Starting an Agency

MEDsys was developed by industry professionals with over a centuries worth of experience. As former home care owners and administrators, we know the challenges and obstacles of running an agency in the beginning years. Here are top 5 tips on how to succeed in your first year.

Hiring Caregivers (Staffing) – Hiring qualified caregivers is the foundation of a successful agency. Hiring enough caregivers per client is essential to be able to provide the care that is needed. The more staff you have available, the more clients you can care for. The web is a great source for hiring caregivers. Job searching sites like Indeed and Snagajob are great for online hiring.  You can also ask current staff for referrals and even provide a referral bonus to those staff that refer applicants that get hired. Proper vetting during the interview process is important when finding a quality caregiver. An ideal caregiver should be reliable, responsible, and compassionate as they are representing your business

Client Referrals – As your agency grows, the more referrals you will receive. One of the most common mistakes agencies can do is lose track of their referrals and lose potential clients (leads). MEDsys offers a lead management feature where the user can track the referral on the client. Managers can then view where the referrals are coming from and if their marketing efforts are successful.

Building a Relationship with Payor Case Managers – If your business lines involve working with payors, most of your referrals come from payor case managers. Managers will track visits and ensuring that the services are provided on time and there are no missed visits. Showing a good standing to your managers are more likely to give your next referral. MEDsys Electronic Visit Verification (EVV) tracks all Date of service; Location of service; Individual providing service; Type of service; Individual receiving service; and Time the service begins and ends. These confirmations will help you build a strong relationship with your managers and continue sending referrals.

Efficiency – Efficiency from the beginning is what drives a successful agency. Matching your client with the right caregiver the first time around is what will build client satisfaction. You can utilize attributes to better match clients and caregivers. MEDsys offers a feature when scheduling to match clients and caregivers by attributes. For better performance and services, staff can get additional training in the community. Check with the local area office on aging to see if they provide training for your staff.  The staff can attend training and can possibly recruit other staff. Case managers will see they willing to go the extra step and receive training to provide better care to clients.

Advertising – Advertising is an investment for the growth and future of your business. Getting your business known in the community is how you will start getting more clients. In your first few years, you may not have a generous advertising budget. Here are few creative and inexpensive ways to advertise your agency. Social media has become one of the most popular ways of advertising today. Create a Facebook, Linkedin, or Twitter page to keep communication between your agency and the community. People will have the ability to follow, like and even share your content, giving your agency more exposure. Get involved in the community. Attending the local community meetings for the elderly/aging is great way to learn about the needs of the elderly in the area and create a plan to meet them, this will differentiate your agency from others. Another great way to advertise – use your vehicle! Drive your car with your business on it. From small decals to car wraps, its advertising that will get around town and make you stand out.