Top 25 Workflow Solution Providers – 2017

The demand for increased productivity and burgeoning competition in the business realm has invited a universe of innovation in the way Workflow Management Systems (WMS) function. Groundbreaking innovations in the Workflow domain like artificial intelligence, machine learning, and automated chat bots aim to establish newer boundaries within which empowered workers are free to achieve their objectives by appropriate and valid means. As the envelope keeps getting pushed, today’s workflow technology doesn’t just tend to be process centric but also ‘Objective’ centric.

Moreover, for enterprises it is indispensible to optimize business processes to improve efficiency, alongside staying ahead of the global competition curve by minimizing overall business cost. While the stereotyped manual methods fail to fit into enterprise strategies, a highly flexible WMS can be at rescue by synchronizing all aspects of organizational and procedural workflows. Also, having the right technologies in place can enable businesses to diminish errors, inculcate seamlessness in project handling, and connect enterprises at unit level for easy and transparent operations.

In such a scenario, the industry is witnessing newest and advanced software solutions being introduced by solution providers that can be integrated with their existing workflow infrastructure. Aiming to help organizations find a suitable workflow solution tailored to their business needs, in this issue of CIO Applications, we are featuring Top 25 Workflow Solution Providers that provide state-of-the-art workflow management technologies and solutions. Our editorial panel has come up with a list of trusted players that bring

Streamlining Home Healthcare

Extensive industry experience, technological expertise, and customer-centric approach prove to be the capabilities that make an organization a dependable solution provider. So is the story of MEDsys, a company that extends software solutions for home care agencies. Once a large home care agency, the company holds extensive knowledge of intricacies and nuances involved in home healthcare, and marches past its competitors offering solutions that streamline workflows. The firm’s cloud based platform VinCENT consists of custom built SmartFlow engine that enables the home care agencies, MCO’s and State Medicaid Programs to resolve intricacies such as compliance and conventional cumbersome practices.

VinCENT, based entirely on HTML 5, empowers home care agencies, State Medicaid programs, and Managed Care Organizations to create custom workflows. These workflows can intelligently make decisions and automatically take steps as needed to ensure work is being completed on time and accurately. The built-in SmartFlow engine facilitates the execution of custom scripts for an unlimited number of actions available to any workflow. Additionally, workflow helps with managing patient and caregiver compliance. “We do this by automating when a compliance item for a patient is coming due by sending out alerts and pre-populating the necessary forms in the patient’s schedule,” states Ritch Adams, CEO, MEDsys. The company accomplishes this by proactive notification when items are due which is triggered through parameters set by customers for notifications. In accordance with the predefined criterion, workflows will notify platform not to allow a caregiver to be scheduled to see a patient if they are out of compliance.

To address numerous needs of the State medicaid programs and home care agencies, MEDsys offers a comprehensive management suite of solutions and facilitates seamless transition from their current manual and paper processes to an automated Electronic Health Record. Most home care agencies fill out paper forms, carry these forms to the office, and send them to be reviewed by a supervisor. Subsequently, the forms need to be stored into a system. MEDsys automates the paper based process by enabling the home care agencies to

complete the forms in real time, and ultimately ensure the patient is receiving the authorized care. MEDsys also uses real time communication tools, such as instant messaging, patient, caregiver, and payor portals that support the customers’ approval process and quality assurance. MEDsys provides a Jurisidictional View that enables State Medicaid Programs and MCO’s with the ability to view in real time if and when the authorized care is being delivered to the patient. MEDsys automates the workflow which reduces unauthorized claims saving States and MCO’s millions of dollars. The process also helps the home care agency, the caregiver and the patient to ensure the proper caregiver is delivering the authorized care to the patient. The MEDsys Payor Management Solution is equipped with real time monitoring.

Another major problem that MEDsys addresses is the turnover rate in home care. “The turnover rate in home care is approxiametely 90 percent. When we onboard a new customer, MEDsys provides initial train the trainer methodology,” states Adams. MEDsys’ holistic approach ensures that management can train new employees as part of their new hire training. Through interactive learning management system, the company provides proficiency testing, competency evaluation, and feedback for management. In one of the implementation highlights, Adams talks about Texas Health and Human Services. The organization had chosen four vendors to provide Electronic Visit Verification Technology to Texas Medicaid Star Plus and Star Kids programs for automating the home care visit. As the two vendors withdrew out of the association, the onus was on MEDsys. Harnessing its experience of running a large home care agency, state of the art technology, and learning management system, the company carried out onboarding process for 400 home care agencies in 90 days. Subsequently, the agencies, which were catering to the needs of 100,000 patients and 150,000 caregivers, could automate and comply with the Texas State Mandate. In its pursuit to assist more home healthcare agencies, MCO’s and Sate Medicaid Programs, MEDsys will continue to embrace emerging technologies including newer HTML5 based platforms such as WebRTC for secure audio and video communications with clients, staff, and offices. The firm’s ability to tailor software to each customer’s unique workflow and processes has been a key to its continuous growth and the company aims to continue this journey.