EVV Makes Visit Confirmation Easy

Integrated with VinCENT scheduling, payroll and billing, our EVV platform saves time, money and reduces errors. Like our mobile software solutions, EVV never sleeps – it is available anytime and anywhere. It provides real-time data exchange and includes a robust scheduling component and multiple schedule views. Its ease-of-use and customizable features make VinCENT EVV/Telephony the ideal solution to manage your agency’s scheduling processes.

How EVV/Telephony will Improve Your Agency’s Performance

With the ability to customize, this comprehensive platform provides:

  • Exception tracking for no shows, schedule not found
  • Automated alerts via email and text messaging
  • Task collection and care plan matching with alerts
  • Recording of data, including time in and time out and patient vitals
  • Toll-free number and customizable scripts for your agency
  • Cloud-based platform that is hassle-free and easy to use
  • Detailed reporting for intelligent business decision making
  • One application that manages your agency’s workflow and improves profits, increases patient satisfaction and the overall health of your organization